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Revascularization Study - Post Treatment Follow-up Findings


This form is for entering information from a follow-up appointment for a case in which you have already submitted the initial information. It is critical that you match the "Case ID" for the original information.

If you are looking to enter a new case exit this form and go to:

Note: Do to page logic do not use your browser's "Back" button. If you need to edit information already entered, contact Dr. Ed Halteman,
4. Please indicate the level of spontaneous pain the patient was experiencing for this follow-up?
5. Please indicate whether any of the following were present for this follow-up.
(Select all that apply)
6. Please indicate the pulp responsiveness for all applicable tests performed for the tooth in question.
Space Cell ResponseNo responseNot performed
7. Please indicate the degree to which the patient reported tenderness to percussion.
8. At this point in the recall process with your patient, do you feel that the revascularization procedure performed was successful?
Please indicate which of the following describe why you consider the procedure a success. (Select all that apply)
Please indicate why you don’t currently consider the procedure to be a success. (Select all that apply)
What treatment, if any, have you provided since you determined that the revascularization procedure was not successful?
(Select all that apply)